My 20’s Travel Buckelist


Some people say that your 20’s is the best time to travel. You may not have a lot of money but you have time and you’re willing to take risks that you know you won’t take when you’re older. I know that I want my 20’s to be full of adventures and new experiences, so here’s my bucketlist!

My 20's travel Bucketlist

1.Volunteer abroad

For some reason, the idea of volunteering in a different country with a totally different culture appeals a lot to me and from  I’ve read it’s on of the cheapest ways to travel! (yayy!) I would really like to volunteer in Madagascar with IVHQ on their Marine Conservation program (can you think of a better way of spending your days than by diving in an exotic location? I think it’s pretty hard to top that…) or on their Surf Outreach program in South Africa.  But I think I would probably go to Argentina first since they have an Healthcare related program and that’s more related to what I’m studying at uni (points for Buenos Aires still!)

My 20's travel Bucketlist

2. Visit the Nordic Countries

Although I know I would be more than blessed if I could visit any Nordic Country, I must admit that Norway holds a special place in my heart; there’s something magical about that  country ( or maybe is just the high probability of seeing the Northern lights ha). Anyway, I really love the culture of the nordics in general, so next to Norway would be Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice, and of course I can’t forget about visiting Santa in the Lapland and staying on those amazing glass igloos…

My 20's travel Bucketlist

3. Party in Berlin

Berlin seems the perfect escape for younger people: you can discover museums and art galleries by day and party by night! Apparently, Berlin has one of the best nightlifes Europe has to offer, from low-key live music to underground clubs, you can find anything to suit you!

My 20's travel Bucketlist

4. Discover Japan

Every since I was little I had a fascination about Japan and China (I blame it on Mulan and the animes…). But I think the main reason why Japan caught my eye was because of it’s contrast: it’s a country of the old and the new and no one can stay indifferent to its culture. From the lively Tokyo to the old Kyoto, the paradisiac beaches of Okinawa to the world recognized mountains of Niseko, Japan has a little bit of everything. Plus, the most beautiful cherry blossoms are in Japan!

My 20's travel Bucketlist

5. South Africa Surf Trip

To be honest, this is probably the item that is higher on my bucketlist but also the one that is harder to accomplish… I’ll explain: since I saw this “Gap year” program in South Africa that I knew I wanted to take it. After all, what can be better than spending 3 months surfing the best beaches of SA and Mozambique, without having to worry about accommodation, equipment or lessons, and still have the chance of getting certified at the end of the trip? Right? I know, but unfortunately this comes with a cost: yep, it’s expensive, but these programs only occur from Sep-Dec and Jan-Apr which means that you have to skip school/work or take a gap year (which probably won’t happen very soon…). But who knows, maybe I’ll take a year off when I finish uni and I can take finally this trip! But until then, I’ll continue saving $$$.

My 20's travel Bucketlist

6. Go on a Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking is probably the ultimate trip to take in your 20’s and it’s easy to see why: you’re young, you’re broke and you want to see and travel the more you can, so what do you do? You go Backpacking! Whether is Interrailing, backpacking Southeast Asia (and going to the Full Moon Party just because) or venturing through South America (read: Machu Pichu, Patagonia and Carnaval) what really matters is the experience you’re having and all the new people you’re meeting!

My 20's Travel Bucketlist

7. Take a Solo Trip

After all I’ve read about the advantages of taking a solo trip I had to add it to my bucketlist.  Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my friends and family but there’s a certain freedom about taking a trip by yourself that I really want to experience. After all, you decide what you want to see, to do, what and where you want to eat and don’t have to worry about schedules because you travel at your own pace. That sounds pretty convincing to me! Even if it’s just to go to Lisbon!

S__5701.jpg8. Spend a week (or two) at a Surf Camp

I actually have a few ideas for this one. I know that I would really like to spend a few days in Ericeira since it’s one of the main surfing spots in all Europe and it has always fascinated me. Plus, it has the advantage of not having to worry about international flights since I already live in Portugal! However, if I decide to go abroad then I would really like to go to Morocco or Sri Lanka. They both have amazing cultures and don’t look as overcrowded as other destinations, such as Bali or Hawaii.


9. Spend a year in Australia

Okay, I know I’m setting the bar to high on this one, but it’s ok to dream, right? Right?

But seriously, Australia has so much to offer that I think just one visit wouldn’t cover half of what I’d like to see in this country! That’s why I’d like to spend a year there (either studying or working) and experience a different lifestyle and reverse seasons (no jokes). Just thinking that you can go to the beach on Christmas Day while all your friends are complaining about the rain it’s too good to be truth!


10. Study abroad

I’ve probably shouldn’t say this but one of the main reasons why I was excited about uni was because of the possibility of studying abroad (please don’t judge me). I would love to study in Japan, Australia or Norway but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to go to the first 2 because I think my university only covers Erasmus programs in Europe, so I have all my hopes on Norway!


11. Go on a Snow Trip

I know I’ve talked before about the mountains of Niseko and the Nordic countries but the truth is that I’m a terrible skier… But I’m willing to change that! In fact, I would love to learn how to snowboard (I admit I don’t like skiing that much…). That’s why I would like to spend a week on the slopes learning and while I’m there enjoy all the environment that the ski resort brings to you ( après ski *cough, cough*).


12. Tomorrowland

Just because it’s the biggest festival of electronic music and if you’re not going in your 20’s when are you going?


So, this is my bucketlist for the next years. I know it’s a little bit ambitious but I really want to reach my 30’s with that feeling of relief of someone who has done everything she had to do and knows won’t be doing in the next few years (I know you get what I’m saying…). But, what about you? Is there something you specially want to do in your 20’s? Or a place you really want to visit in your lifetime?

Leave your comments down below! I would love to know your answer xx



Note: This post is about the places I want to visit/things I want to do so the photos I’ve used were not taken by me.


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